Once the correctness of the selected products has been verified, by clicking on the "Proceed with the order" button, it will be possible to specify the billing information and then the shipping address. Once the Order Confirmation has been received, it is necessary to indicate the chosen payment method:

If you have chosen to pay through PayPal, you will be redirected to the dedicated site on the domain , therefore beyond any competence of the seller. Once the payment has been made with one of the methods offered by PayPal, the site will automatically receive the notification of successful payment and will process the order. The seller will in no way be in possession of any data provided to PayPal and assumes no responsibility for it.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the shipment will take place after the payment has been credited. All the information useful for the execution of the bank transfer by the buyer, and for the recognition of this by the seller, will be provided to you when completing the order.

The recognition of the sender of the transfer will take place through the reason for this, in which the order number must be indicated, visible both during the purchase confirmation phase and received by email. For any problem, the customer can contact the assistance directly.


IBAN IT91M0521604601000008014275


Once you have made the payment with the method you have selected, you will receive the Transaction Notification via email and the details of the products purchased.

Those who have chosen to pay with PayPal will also receive an email from the latter with the details of the transaction.


Through PayPal you can use all credit cards.


The method we have chosen is based on PayPal, used in many online shops, safe and reliable.

The pages intended to manage the transaction are protected with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol which uses a particularly solid and powerful algorithm.

All financial information such as credit card number and expiration date are therefore encrypted and only subsequently transmitted. When entering the data relating to the credit card, the financial information is sent directly to the secure PayPal site. No one, including the site owners, will ever have access to your credit card, this guarantees maximum security.

The purchase can only be made by the cardholder. The seller will also accept orders addressed to people other than the owner, but reserving the right to carry out checks on the buyer and, at his sole discretion, to refuse the order.

The seller will send a regular fiscal document together with the shipment of the products.