We at Ferrera & Ferrera s.r.l., holder company of Colibrì trademark and member of Assogiocattoli ( guarantee that all our products are made with high quality materials and according to european guidelines about toy safety.

With this certificate, Colibrì guarantees its products against manifacturing defects untill the 24th month from delivery date. This warranty provides free replacement or reparation of our product components, that, after a test performed by one of our technician, shows a manifacturing defect.
We will replace the product, only in case of very expensive or impossible reparation. Even if repaired or replaced, the product continues to be covered by warranty according to original terms at the moment of the purchase.

The customers who want to use warranty, must claim for defective goods within a period of 2 months from discovering the defect. Just in case of defects discovered within 30 days from purchaising, the customer has to prove these defects were pre-existing. In the absence of proof, payment for shipping are the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty does not cover:

– Negligence in using the product
– Wrong use of the product
– Failure to follow the maintenance instructions in the owner’s manual
– Non observance of directions written in instruction manual
– Lack of claiming a production defect within the terms
– Wrong use of rechargeable bacteries
– Products re-assembled or repaired by personnel not authorized
– Products with installation of parts not originally intended
– Parts worn out because of regular use

Ferrera and Ferrera refuses any responsibility from eventual problems, damages or risks that persons or animals may incur during the misuse of products or because of non observance of directions written in the owner’s manual.

If your claim is covered by warranty, our intervention will be completly free by contacting our technical support team at the following e-mail address: